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Information Technology

Our Projects Portfolio

Explore our diverse portfolio showcasing innovative solutions and successful collaborations. From custom software development to strategic IT consulting, our projects reflect excellence and client satisfaction, empowering businesses to thrive in the digital landscape.


AI-Powered Tire Analysis App

Regrip introduces an AI-powered app designed to

recognize and analyze tires. By capturing a simple photograph using the Regrip app, users can swiftly retrieve essential tire details and identify defects. The app even assists in locating the best tire deals, enhancing convenience and safety.

Astrology Services Platform

Astrosagga is a versatile platform that offers a range

of astrology-related services. Users can seamlessly engage in chat or call sessions with experienced astrologers. Access to astrology courses, birth chart readings, and interactive live chat and video

calls enriches the user experience.

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QR Code Beverage Purchasing Solution

ZOChai transforms beverage purchasing through its QR code-based solution. By scanning the QR code via the Google scanner in the ZOChai app, users can effortlessly buy beverages from vending machines. The app streamlines the process, enabling swift payment and convenient dispensing.

Comprehensive Food Delivery App

Glavour revolutionizes food delivery through its

comprehensive app catering to customers, delivery partners, and kitchens. Delivery partners utilize the app to access orders and track earnings. Kitchens can manage menus, monitor inventory, and efficiently handle incoming orders.

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